Nov 1, 2018

This Is My Building (Now Posted Below)


Edited: Dec 21, 2018



True, we asked if you had this track, to please not share or post it yet; we'll put it here soon enough. But that doesn't mean you can't tell us what you think of it!


Anybody here in Queens on Sunday? What's your take on 'his building'?

Nov 1, 2018

It's playing on repeat as this is written. Walter scatting! Amazing! First impression is wonderful. I'll need a few more listens to get all of the lyrics. "My body's broken like a tired punchline..."

Thank you for releasing it. What a treasure.

Nov 1, 2018

super -- thanks! PS There's a lyrics file on the drive.

Nov 2, 2018

I was there and got one of the drives. I hadn't heard Becker's solo stuff and now I can't get it out of my head. Thank you for this. Turns out I had one more bang to give.

Nov 3, 2018

one more bang. lol.


ok, cultural touchstone, anybody; without looking it up on the google machine: where's "Big Daddy's gonna live!" come from?

Nov 2, 2018Edited: Dec 14, 2018

lizking593 - can't tell you how good it is to hear this....thanks for checking in; means a lot

Nov 3, 2018Edited: Nov 3, 2018

Martha! you were there?! if your email has changed since '09, please get in touch!

Nov 4, 2018Edited: Nov 4, 2018

Greetings and soulful appreciation (deeper than heartfelt) for these efforts. I grew up a few stops down Union Turnpike on the Q44A from WB Way and it was a great pleasure to attend the naming ceremony (I was the one who correctly responded "cup of spleen"). Howard Rodman's lovely comments alone were worth the drive from Ann Arbor in torrential rain. Perhaps his words could be posted on this site.


I finally had the chance to plug in my flash drive and scroll through the titles. I started with "This Is My Building" since I had just been standing in front of Walter's. I believe I understand reservations you might have had putting this one out considering the paucity of production. However, I hear so much more than a drum machine, dissonant note clusters on time-worn synth patches and a relatively dry mic. The under-production works more effectively without orchestration- it's a Rorschach blot: listen and extrapolate as semi-tones clash (and harmonics blossom like tubes in a boutique amp) the greater musical context with a third ear.


Considering the protagonist (the subject of the abject subject matter) it doesn't need further embellishment. The voice. In this simple demo, Walter's voice is fully exposed- drenched with raw nuance and expression. We can hear the rasp, the breaths and breaks- perish the thought of that good stuff getting buried in a bigger mix. Like Bob Dylan with just a guitar and a harmonica, no one but Walter could properly sing this song. The voice is alone as this guy is alone: a naked singularity of a soul at liberty- and he's okay for having gone low. He's playing falsetto tuba, scat singing! This is yet another "darkling" down. He's accepted it, then embraced it and, finally, celebrating it! Why not float the little flag on the buoy at the surface so everyone knows there's a diver down there. Bulls and Bears make money; Pigs like this get slaughtered (or kill themselves with three-martini lunches) Fo weal!


If there are more like this- please be encouraged by these reviews and kindly set them free.




ps: that would be Big Daddy from Cat on a hot tin roof. However, Big Daddy learns that contrary to what he thought, he will not live to celebrate his next birthday. Perhaps this is another haunting specimen of Walter's "late show" metaphor. We've heard it in "Door Number Two" and "Circus Monkey" - oops, I meant Money. Perhaps if our short-seller's wise-cracking heart was leaking like a sieve with one more bang to give, then maybe he's not destined to make it to the opening bell after all...

pps: hello Martha, it would have been nice to shake your hand.

Nov 4, 2018Edited: Dec 14, 2018

Thanks for the kind words David...and good fever dreaming :-) Seeing as you're relatively new, you may yet to fully plumb the "Rarities and Unreleased" category, which carries a wide range on the unfinished - > finished continuum. Welcome!


[Edit to David] In case you missed it, text of everybody's speechifyin' now on and you can find video on youtube

Nov 4, 2018

Great to hear that people are enjoying This Is My Building. It really hit me hard, and I really love that it became part of the Walter Becker Way festivities. I'll be forever convinced that Walter toyed with the idea of saying "Turns out I had one more fuck to give."


And I love the bass on the track. Thanks for the feedback, Lizking and jake, it really does make all of the effort that went into putting the event and the usb drive for the event together worthwhile.

Nov 4, 2018

...and right you are, Matt: .says so right here in my notebook of hand-written lyrics. "one more fuck to give". Not one for editing himself just to get an R rating, I can't help but think that he made the right choice in the change; "bang" does indeed give the better scan to the line.

Dec 14, 2018Edited: Dec 14, 2018

This Is My Building



First, a very rare exception for this otherwise vociferously hi-fi site:

this demo is going to be the worst sounding thing you’ll ever hear at this location!


But…but….it's a special one we think;


This Is My Building is a very rough demo of a song

written for “Circus Money” (2008) by Becker

and Larry Klein. This recording is unique (on this site) for its extremely

rudimentary form and rough audio quality, which includes some media

damage we’ve been unable to correct. It’s the only copy on either

Larry’s or Walter’s hard drives or collections of CDs.


 It was first released exclusively on a

USB Drive given away on the occasion of the dedication of 

Walter Becker Way” on Oct 28; its appropriateness to the 

occasion was obvious and undeniable. Moreover, 

its rough quality aside — vocals were recorded in 

 Becker’s living room! — both Walter and Larry were 

greatly amused by (and proud of) this song and worked to

 complete the lyrics — and put down this rough demo— even 

though it was almost certainly too late to include on 

 the recording. 


We —or maybe a guest — will have more to say about the etiology of this

great tune later on.


We hope you agree that shortcomings

aside, it was well worth presenting to mark the

dedication of Walter Becker Way — and is worth sharing with you all now.





This is My Building

Walter Becker and Larry Klein

© 2005, 2018 Zeon Music LLC/Strange Cargo/Downtown Music



On a so-so day with the best among us selling short and cracking wise

And the also ran's are going belly up bust with the dollar signs in their eyes

Look at God's good fella in a push position drawing dead on an inside straight

Trading three martini lunches at L`upo for a South Beach diet plate


I love my job here

Hope I don't blow it

This is the good life

You'd never know it


So I hit the the street on the blazing backend of a drop dead margin call

Where I take my chances with a black car bandit with the deep Punjabi drawl

Now we zoom uptown hurry up slow down til brakes begin to smoke

Til my body's broken like the tired punchline of a bad cabdriver joke


God bless you Chandalur Singh

Thanks for next to nothing

Smooth ride notwithstanding

All the way all the way all the way all the way home


This is my building

I stake my claim here

Look on the mailbox you can read my middle name here

This is my building

This is no trash talk

This is me standing on my chunk of god's own sidewalk


So I settle on down with my brandy snifter and my beak packed full of cake

With the Knicks game over and I guess it's time for my poontang popcorn break

So I swallow my pride and I dial the number which has never failed up ’til now

And the girl on duty says I'm pleased to please you if you'll only tell me how


My soul's been broken

My skills all rusty

Who's young and curious

Sleek blonde and busty


So a half hour later when the door swings open and she's framed in golden light

With a smile on her lips and a song in her heart and a cash-driven appetite

As I whisk her bedward in my classic seven and my prospects start to float

And I tell myself ain't it lucky buddy that your old man caught the boat


Good evening star eyes

Your dream has come true

Please let me rock you

All the way all the way all the way all the way home


This is my building

You're very new here

There's only one thing for a monkey girl to do here

This is my building

This is no freak thing

This is no jokey play on words or tongue in cheek thing


My heart was leaking like a sieve

Turns out I had one more bang to give

Hallelujah honeychile big daddy's gonna live!

Ever and ever and ever and ever and more


This is my building

Can't be improved on

So hows about you make like a tree and get a move on

This is the real deal

This is no fakeout

This is the eight PM at God's own bloody steakhouse


This is my building, baby

(Fo Weal…)



Dec 14, 2018

This is fantastic! God, I miss Becker! ...and the sound quality is sooo much better than I was expecting. Absolutely, no complaints here!

Jan 9Edited: Jan 9

Lyric File Tailpieces

I can’t find it now, but I’m pretty sure a while ago I said that some of the funniest/most illuminating/ most amusing things in Walter’s computer files were the tail ends of lyrics files — where the final lyrics, cleaned up, appeared from the top of the page, and bits of rejected lines or sometimes just idea themes, having been typed as “inspiration” or backstory, just never got deleted.


here’s a few from the end of his lyric file for “This is My Building (thanks to Larry Klein for approval of posting this work product) ©2017 Xeon Music LLC/@ 2017 Strange Cargo/Downtown Music Downtown Music/


this is what I like

sure I did it my way

no use pretending

where's my gal friday 

where's  my happy ending


 this is my building 

this is no rental 

I know it' s a funny time for getting sentimental


you must be new


please take a dollar 

send it straitaway to the folks in guatemala


this is my building

my dream came true here

and now we don't need another wannabe like you here



this is my crib now


and talking to joe blow off the streets aint why I came here

thus its not possible that I'm the one to blame here

quite impossible that I should be to blame here

I look at the mailbox and i do not see your name here


big  daddy's gonna live


when I was a prince of the unemployed


doncha give me no back talk spare me your backtalk



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Dec 14, 2018

I love that my Knicks have made it into a Walter song! My Yankees already made it into a Donald song (Morph). I wonder if WB ever attended a Knicks game or was a fan?

Dec 16, 2018

So very yes. Fantastic. Will you be making it available in the regular download section by any chance? Not to be greedy. Or, no, yes, to be very greedy. Plus greedy enough to ask about many other potential holiday goodies for us Becker diehards who who may have hit the right naughty behavioral target to, hopefully, catch the eye of whomever's hanging in the multi-directional frozen polen ever-watching?

This oversight has been corrected and this wonderful track is available for download in FLAC or MP3(320) over on the downloads page.

Dec 21, 2018

"God bless you Chandalur Singh/Thanks for next to nothing."


For any who didn't immediately catch the little reference.


And a quick nod to Eric "Rudy" Schuttler who designed the graphic on that SD page, along with many of those that made the site so special. Rest in Peace, Eric.

Dec 24, 2018

Thanks as always. I really enjoyed this one. Additionally, I really want to go watch the Back to the Future movies again after hearing "So hows about you make like a tree and get a move on."

Jan 28

Being from Atlanta, I had never heard this term nor had any idea what this was, but had been curious ever since I read WB's lyrics, just hadn't bothered to look it up until now. Apparently, a Classic Seven is a a seven-room apartment floor plan one can find in buildings built in New York City prior to 1940 consisting of a formal dining room, living room, kitchen, three bedrooms, maid's room and two or more bathrooms. There's also a Classic Six, which has one less bedroom. Learn something new every day!

Feb 6Edited: Feb 8


Give that man a Kewpie Doll!


[and being from <1940 it's also going to have another highly-desirable NYC real-estate feature -- it'll be in a "pre-war" building: solid old-style construction often w/ high ceilings, good stone or marble, maybe tall windows, fireplaces or other architectural ornamentation, etc]

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