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Goodwill Giveaway: Poll

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

The tacky “Goodwill Giveaway” was announced in a Newsletter on 9/3/23 But just how tacky is it? We need to hear from you. The fate of Goodwill Giveaway: The Sequel my well be in your hands Make sure your see all 6 options below before casting your Vote! Then feel free to post your 'open-ended' opinions/evaluations/diagnoses, etc via the comments below

This Giveaway Idea Makes Me Feel ...

  • 1) disgusted

  • 2) disgusted --- but *pleeze* send me a shirt anyway

  • 3) excited / copasetic / happy enough

  • 4) indifferent

To Clarify: Don't post your mailing address here!

== We will contact you if your email is randomly selected from our Subscriber rolls.

== You can then send your mailing address to us by {Reply] email

== We suggest you edit any posts containing your mailing address to remove it

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