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Mar 24, 2018
In Everything Else
Dear moderator/media team, I just got back from a trip to find the ‘Cinder Annie’ download and was blown away! Thank you so much for sharing another of Walter’s gems. Incredible groove, sound and the lyrics are so Walter – especially his devious little outtro. These ‘new’ songs are fast becoming 2 of my favorites from the 11ToW era, and you gave us hope for more! It would have been a very different album imo had they - and the others still to come - been included. A little more organic perhaps, with that pure live feel – executed in perfect fashion alas Walter Becker's sound. The rhythm computer tracks kind of broke the album up in to two sessions for me, as much as I love it. Walter’s vocals are great too, it’s funny he sometimes put himself down in that department. One of my favorites live was ‘Monkey in your Soul’ sung by Walter and I am so glad I was there the last time or one of the last times he sang it in San Diego 2006 - which was also the last time they played 2 sets, I believe. Was always hoping and praying a little that he would alternate between ‘Daddy’ and ‘Monkey’ in his later years just to switch it up and maybe he did and I wasn’t there… But tonight is one of those when he is back here and it's awesome!


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