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Daryl Brokenbrough
Aug 29, 2018
In Everything Else
This is my first ever post here on the Walter Becker forum.I have a few questions:the estate or whoever have been putting up Walter's music and other things and most of it have never been heard or seen before,which is great in keeping Mr.Becker's legacy alive!Since Walter along with Donald Fagen were the the founders of Steely Dan,will the public ever get treated to some unreleased Steely Dan music?I have their Two Against Nature live Dvd from 2000 and it's a great one displaying the band's tight musicianship with pristine,crystal,clear sound,which they were great and known for.I think this great show deserves an upgrade!Will this ever get released on Blu Ray in the future?Jazz Pop at it's sheer perfection!I may be asking this at the wrong forum but an inquiring mind like mine would like to know!RIP Walter Becker and thank you so much for the wonderful music!Thank you!
Daryl Brokenbrough
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