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[FSX] - [P3D] - Blackbox, Airbus A330 Xtreme Prologue V0.66 [RI Latest Versionl renichan




torrent file from 2shared for free with Ebook Reader enabled. i have worked with mitch at the [FSX] office for a few years now, and he is one of the nicest people you will meet. He does not hold any of his pilots to any kind of high standards as far as piloting and flying. so if he thinks you are good, then that is good enough. his past adventures have really shown his superior skill at flying, and he is the first pilot in FSX to fly an Airbus A330 a short review on the game. the best flight simulation. the controls are pretty good, the flight model is very accurate, the performance data is accurate, the scenery and the airports are the best you will find, a definite stand out in the game. the only drawbacks are the force feedback, the engine model, and the cockpit instrumentation. with force feedback, i think it should be turned off until more airports are created in the real life, maybe then we will have some fun in the sim. the engine model could be better, i have flown the real a330 with an h160 engine, the throttle response is not the same as in the game. the cockpit instrumentation is very basic, and the cost/value ratio is low. an airport is $500 and a scenery is $50, the same as in P3D, the interactive city is nice but limited, very basic. and all those $50 scenery look bad (compared to p3d's $10 scenery) i mean, for $50 we get: an airport, a runway and a small blimp. no city, no buildings. those $50 add up, and they all look very poor. i mean, for $50 we get a few $4 scenery (compared to $20). the freeware thing is nice, but you get 50 airports, 30 airbases, and you have access to the others that are included. todays the realistic airplane simulation is at its best, an airbus a330 at that, over a decade ago, the simulation was at its worst, the flying was terrible and the airplane was awful. things have changed, and FSX has grown a lot, and i think this is the best simulation of a commercial airplane yet. "A good wingman has many skills, but the most important of all is to be there." -Chuck Yeager Big con on these things,




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[FSX] - [P3D] - Blackbox, Airbus A330 Xtreme Prologue V0.66 [RI Latest Versionl renichan

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