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Dec 08, 2020
In Everything Else
I am a long time SD and Walter Becker fan along with all the people of fine musical taste here. I always used to try and play guitar like WB to varying degrees of success growing up and attempted Black Friday a few times with my teenage band back in the day. I‘m still trying to learn the solo 20 years later haha. Walters playing really was another level! I was lucky enough to win some items at the auction which are priceless to me now and will be kept and used til I shuffle off to the great jam in the sky myself. One of the items was Walters Pro Tools desk which he apparently had in his home studio, it still has Vox and EQ handwritten on the channels so I use these channels exclusively now, just in case that Becker magic buzzing around in the wires may coat my warblings with an extra Becker bite. I was really inspired when I got the desk and gave it my all to do him proud by recording and put together a band of session guys online during this Covid madness including Walter and the Dans own Keith Carlock on the drums(!!!) and here is the resulting track. I hope you guys enjoy listening to it as much as I did making it and thank you Walter for the inspiration:


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