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Barbara Strauch
Oct 24, 2018
In Everything Else
The weather folks are predicting a terrible Nor'easter for Saturday and Sunday in New York. Please say it isn't so. Would Walter Becker really rain on his own parade? Is there a rain date just in case? This can't be happening.
Barbara Strauch
May 25, 2018
In Everything Else
In one of those rare, out-of-context moments that could only take place in New York City, I met Walter Becker last year as I was struggling to get past the death of my beloved Mother. You've all had those out-of-context moments, where you meet someone and they look familiar, but you just can't quite place them... Those of you writing on this forum write about Walter Becker the famous musician. Forgive me, but I just want to write a few words in tribute to the OTHER Walter, the smart and funny gentleman who helped me many times, even though we were total strangers. It's a side his fans probably never saw. I still miss him. I visited the Hawaiian Lantern Floating Ceremony website recently, and submitted my Mother's name for a lantern to be floated this Memorial Day in Honolulu. On a whim, I submitted Walter's name also. The ceremony will be broadcast live at: Have a look. Perhaps you will see Walter's name float past. Even if you don't, please remember him kindly. To view a very touching 5 minute video from the 2016 ceremony, see: Extending Sincere Sympathies to WB family and friends.

Barbara Strauch

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