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Goodbye to SD's Spirit Animal
In Everything Else
Jul 10, 2019
Thank you Dennis. Smiling while I was reading. I am also a nephew of stoner uncles who bought three copies of every album (one to thrash all day, the second for special occasions, the third never to be opened). I remember their smiles and nods, turning into quiet giggles. They were generous enough to let me in on the joke - tokes included. And I like to think I contributed to the merriness. I was older than 5, younger than 8 at the time. Sue them, they've long since passed on. A too-easy example: ...soon you will be 18; I think you know what I mean... through the squinted eyes and coughing I'm going "what... what does he mean...?", which set off a new round of laughs again. Mr Becker and Mr Fagen are geniuses to me. I eagerly accepted their offerings without giving much back besides admiration. Like you said, I can only assume but cannot accurately pinpoint exactly who brought what to the table. I will always hail "...the least enthusiastic frontman ever...", at the same time recognising Mr Becker's contribution to the sound of Steely Dan. I've always liked the peculiar guitar playing - of which I've heard some clowns dismiss as noodling. With all the guns they had at their disposal, it says a lot that the solos used for the final versions of Home At Last, I Got The News, and Josie are his. And his bass work - Turn That Heartbeat Over Again is a good example - selfless and functional, serving the overall sound of the unit and the song. He is the source of my 2nd all-time favourite quote: after the closing credits of the Aja doco... when he says "...nah... nah you're not him... that's what I like." I'm going in to listen to him / them some more. Thanks again Dennis.


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