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Jan 14, 2023
In Fake Book
Hat Too Flat Walter Becker Intro Vamp & Solo: (B+) (A+) (Last X: Ab∆6/F, then vamp with NO CHORDS) ||: C-(∆ 7) | | F+ | :|| Note: NO CHORDS during verses (chord symbols are for reference only) Eb7(b13) | | | We come in on the morning scan, All the way from far Arcturus Eb7(b13) | | | Bringing with us peace and good will, From the margins of space and time Eb7(b13) | | | Our women are slung down low to the ground, They're very good, you've probably had one Eb7(b13) | | | Our men are brave, studly and wise, A pleasure to behold Ab11 | Eb7(b13) Right away we walk the walk, More or less we talk the talk…………..But every Ab11 | 5/4 F11 ( C- F11 ) 4/4 time we make our play, Their eyes get wide they run away...'cause the 4/4 ||: Bb11 Eb/Ab | Ebsus2/G Gb∆69 Hat stays too flat………My hat is way too flat……...My Bb/F Eb∆69 | Cb∆9/Eb Bb/Eb English she is much better now, But my hat remains too flat……………….The Bb11 Eb/Ab | Ebsus2/G Gb∆69 Man smells a rat…….And that's the end of that (Repeat last time only) Bb/F Eb∆69 Last x: 3/4 || Cb∆9/Eb Bb/Eb :|| 4/4 D.C. My English it is more better now, But my hat is still too flat Fair Arcturus fashion forecast: Skirts will be shorter, Legs stay long Virtual raincoats are coming back, Hats as always continued flat D.C. (Solo on Intro Vamp, then Verse 3) Verse 3: Back at home the machines work hard, We folk like to take it easy Honing our awareness of…the finer things of life Here when I go down to my job, I work hard for what seems like a long time I look at my watch: fifteen minutes, It felt like half a day! Soon enough we break for lunch, Me and the boys now I'm one of the bunch But no one wants to sit with me, So tell me what can the matter be? (Double Chorus, then Vamp)


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