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Walter Becker Auction II (Online Only)
In Everything Else
Feb 18, 2020
I set my alarm to wake up because of the time difference here in Japan and managed to stay awake all night bidding trying to snag a dream guitar. I didn’t manage to in that auction so I was so happy when I heard there was to be a second online auction! I made a number of bids and was determined not to miss out on my last chance. I was at the airport flying home to London for xmas with the family when I made the bids and as the plane took off all I could think about was how the auction was going and whether I would get lucky! I was so happy when I landed in London to see that I had won two lots!! Happy is an understatement, I was beaming like a lottery winner after the 12 hour flight! i got two Fulltone effects pedals, one is an amazing tremolo Supa Trem, the other is a Robert Trower overdrive. They sound incredible, the Supa Trem even has markings of the settings Walter used on the tape attached, I have to admit I have stared at these pieces of tape for an unhealthy amount of time. The second lot was a Digidesign studio console that was housed in Walters Hyperbolic Sound studio, it blows my mind to have something from Walters studio, the console has EQ and Vox written on two channels so I can’t stop wondering what may have been recorded on this, if anybody out there could let me know any more about it I would be forever grateful. I have already got it up and running and downloaded the old drivers to get it working and its great. I‘m so happy with everything I got and these items will be used and cherished in equal measures! i
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